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Christmas spirit.

Chitwan National Park, Nepal 2010

A man cutting firewood. case you don’t follow it..I’ve been blogging a bit on RedCamper’s Roadlog too. Different content. Maybe more interesting. Check it out..

Blogging with both hands

Honesty in Advertising.

How “not coming” turns into “boy vomit” I’m not sure. But I think that’s what I feel like today so there you have it.

Update: 12/2/11…omg you have to go to this link and laugh your ass off.. Damn You Autocorrects

Boy Vomit.

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that was different than I imagined. Those that know me, probably are thinking, “Is there anything you don’t imagine different?”, but Thanksgiving has never been as I pictured. I’ve had lots of different Thanksgiving days. Ones where Dad and I shared the duties of cooking up a meal while we waited for Mom to get home from work, and Gramma to arrive with her Dutch Apple Pie. (that was the only dish she ever made from scratch, maybe..could have been Mrs. Smiths frozen pie). Dad did the dressing and the pies, I did the meat and potatoes. We shared the duty of baked yams and marshmallows with pecans (still both of our favorite dishes) Not sure what Erin did, probably ate dirt, maybe chased the dogs around calling them “Vitamin C” or something. College Thanksgivings were the same actually, except Erin outgrew the eating dirt bit, thankfully. I’ve had Thanksgivings in extended families homes, strangers homes, and temporary families homes too. I’ve come home crying after a rough introductions to other peoples traditions (I’ll never forget how to spell Onus though, I can guarantee you that), I’ve signed table clothes with the most profound, meaningful and thankful message I could muster up in dining rooms with real China and crystal glasses only taken out for that ocassion. I’ve walked in the snow around adobe structures and eaten momos and strange tasting birthday cake in foreign countries with newly acquainted brothers. I’ve had a solidary Thanksgiving or two and those shared with only one person and way too much food for two people to eat. I’ve passed dishes of homemade mashed potatoes and bowls of cranberry sauce still in the shape of the can. I’ve eaten many varieties of pumpkin pies and longed for moms pecan pie when we were apart.  Thanksgiving has never been what I imagined, long table with a feast of meats and vegetables and roots piled up, a centerpiece of a bountiful cornacopia (like we emulated in elementary school out of various beans) overflowing with breads and plums and small pumpkins and hopefully chocolate. Dozens of laughing, eating, cheerful family and friends lined up nearly as far as the eye can see, no, I’ve never experienced that imaginary Thanksgiving. No matter though, I’ve had a lot of interesting Thanksgivings, and I would never take any of them back.  In fact, I’m so thankful I’ve had all these different kinds of Thanksgivings and I’m so thankful I’ve known so many wonderful sharing, kind people in my life. I’m thankful for every moment I’ve had on this earth, good or bad. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, no matter what shape it takes.

Giving Thanks


Anyone who knows this dog knows her propensity to ruin everything. As my laptop started to mysteriously slide towards the edge of my (temporary) desk I see this large animal slinking slowly with cords wrapped around her midrift…sigh..

Oh Halle.

I don’t know..maybe I’m just too tired. But this is funny. From Lost at E Minor.

Oh Lionel

Lily Shreds trailside. on

Lily does shred for sure.

Gorgeous aren’t they?


A couple of my favorite red heads