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The Hourglass from Ikepod on Vimeo.

Really beautiful video of Ikepod making one of their products, an hourglass. Absolutely lovely. Prices start at $14k. Or you can pick up a watch for $18k.

Super high end hourglass

The roads in Kathmandu are intense. Only one traffic light in the whole city and it doesn’t work. There are really only a couple major roads and at rush hour it gets THICK. Cars and motorcycles and bikes and people and dogs and the occasional cow. It’s a mesmerizing, and frankly thrilling, view from the front seat as long as you surrender full faith unto the cab driver. My most favorite times in this city were riding in the front seat of a tiny cage of a car watching the rhythm of the street.

Hopefully you all aren’t getting bored out of your mind..but it continues. Some turquoise shopping, some haircutting, and some EPIC night cab riding. Will post a video on that soon.

Happy Easter!

Saw this photographers work today. I love this series, Elderly Animals, which are portraits of aging pets & farm animals. I like the honesty..and I like her process of dealing with her own issues of aging and loss through quietly documenting aging animals. Though I don’t feel they live long enough, I was shocked to see a 28 year old goose.

Check her work here: Isa Leshko


Late mornings were sometimes filled with homework under adoring cousin eyes, a stop at the market for fresh water buffalo to make jerkey from, eating fresh avocados from a 20 foot tree and shushing off  thieving birds from the mustard field where the little lady hand rolled wicks for the butter lamps.