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Holy mother of god. Are you kidding me?!

1948 Buick Streamliner – production #…one. This is it. The only one. More here: The Coolist

And….back story and discussion here…Jalopy Journal

Car was found in the desert and restored…magnificent.

My new friend Chip (see reservation art down below) turned me on to this Academy Award winning movie. It’s frankly incredible that I hadn’t known about it before. The movie is about the recent history of the Navajo and Hopi tribes and their tangling with the US Government and Peabody Coal. Relocation, environmental hazards, genocide, mistreatment, corporate and government power, coal and uranium strip mining, water rights, native american traditions, prophesy…this has been going on for over 100 years. This film has friends of the family in it, locales that are within miles from my childhood home. I shared the bus with these indians, some of my best friends in the day were from this brothers wife is from this area, they were married in the traditional way….it’s all processing with me right now. I’m not sure there is any area in the United States right now that is as wrought with issues as this area. All under my nose.

The movie, while interesting and revealing, should certainly be taken with a grain of salt..and a big scoop of blind eye for the horrible sound track and low production values. It looks like its from the 1970’s but it’s not. Good on em for trying to get the word out though.

BTW…seriously…the movie can NOT tell me isn’t inspired in some way by this story. Effort to move the natives off their sacred land so “unoptanium” (uranium) could be mined, kill the tree of life, natives understood balance of mother earth and sanctity of life…Na’vi (Navajo)…come on. Unfortunately…nothing is simple or easy. Nuclear power is a pretty great power source..does it all have to be handled so crookedly though?

Broken Rainbow


New York Times just kills it when it comes to putting together multi-media info pieces. Every thing you need to quickly learn, view, experience a topic. Seriously. This is the future of news AND entertainment, people. This particular feature is on hiking the Annapurna route in Nepal. I didn’t get to experience this trek when I was in Nepal..this was the “tourist trek” according to my flip flop wearing, summer sausage eating, straight up the side of a mountain with a metal canteen, dad, (he’s changed his ways since I was 7..but still) but what a great little peek into what I missed. All this needs now is a couple videos of how to pull a leech off your leg and a soundtrack picker (the sound of heavy breathing and footsteps or perhaps a more uplifting track of traditional sherpa songs). Love it.

Check the whole thing out here: New York Times Article.

The future of media

I resisted. I’m not a Diesel fan…but it’s pretty great.

Be Stupid Campaign


I like it when things haunt me for awhile. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about this photographers work and this article for a couple days now. If you are in the LA area..go check out the show and let me know how it is.


Scott Sothern – Low Life


China has a dwarf theme park. Full story here…New York Times.

I personally think this is no different than Hollywood dwarf’s making a living capitalizing on their physical uniqueness. I think sometimes we get a bit over zealous with the politically correctness in this country. Is it better for people to make an honest living using their strength (physical appearance differences) and catering to peoples natural curiosity, or is it better to pretend there is nothing wrong with them putting them into a situation where they can’t physically do the same things most people can, limiting their ability to support themselves?

I’d be the first in line to see a bearded lady, Siamese twins, a man with two penis’s and a girl with 8 legs. I would.

“I hope it will last a long time. Or at least long enough for me not to notice it any more.”

-An observer of a new wheat paste exhibition in Paris.

Hope you aren’t getting tired of Wooster and wheat pasting..but this video is outstanding. The beginning, the middle, the end. This particular form of art really speaks to me. Everything is so fleeting ..and every little bit is worth paying attention to. Good stuff.

JR / Exposition Paris 2009 – Ile Saint Louis
by JR

Everything is transitory