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Small things make me happy. And if there are LOTS of small things..sitting on a wire in the sky and then they decide to all take flight at the same time, I’m left breathless. Truly. These shots are from my last visit to Phoenix where there was hundreds and hundreds of birds sitting and swooping and sitting and singing..it was stunning.  I wanted ALL of them to lift off at the same time..but they didn’t.


Oh man. There is so much to soak in here..do spend some time following every link and absorbing every photo and music track..it’s all good. So good. Sud Africaan white trash tearing it up. Serious style here. I love it.

Apparently this band has literally exploded since Feb 1 when Boing Boing posted an article about them. That was 7 days ago people. In that 7 days they have lined up a endorsement deal with Puma (sweet) and are booking a world tour. Here is an article about the fallout. Thank you Boing Boing. I only wish they had merch…

Die Antwoord

U900. Adorable. Seriously. Can Japanese art/culture be ANY cuter?

Let me just say…I might just have to live to 200 to get through my Netflix list. It’s a serious problem. Tonight I watched a movie that I put on the list 5 years ago. Yes. 5 years ago. Good movie. Maybe move it up on your list…

Update: My respect for this movie just elevated. Turns out the makers of this movie tried for 4 years to get this greenlighted (funded) with zero success. A relatively new crew, a script about a pimp, written and directed by a white guy with only a couple movies under his belt, they just couldn’t get any love. So John Singleton, one of the producers, finally self funded it and they all pitched in, made it as low budget as they could, and did it. And won an Oscar. So really..this movie..is about this movie..which is about the writers/directors struggle..which is the same struggle anyone who is trying to follow their dreams goes through.


Read this on WebUrbanist today. Apparently some small towns in Germany are experimenting with a system for conserving energy and expenses by having the streetlights only turn on when someone requests them to be on. That request is transferred via cell phone. Pedestrians (or drivers) call the phone number associated to that quadrant of street lights and they turn on for 15min.

Pretty good idea.

Video here: Dial4Light


It’s all very simple really.

So. I’ve had this video sent to me multiple times. I love that my friends know that I would love this. And I do. It makes me tear up..EVERY time I watch it. This morning..I got it again. And frankly it’s well timed. For a variety of reasons. But mostly..because everytime I watch this I think..with some more work, and passion, and not giving up, I can do anything. And so can you. Don’t settle.