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PostSecret: Confessions on Life, Death and God from Frank Warren on Vimeo.

There is nothing I can say to add to this beautiful video.

Secrets. We all have em.

This makes me laugh.


From FBomb.

On a lighter note


Lifes ironies part 3. I had a rough day yesterday. Had to look myself in the eye and face a couple current truths that I’m not too happy about. Out of the blue came a call from a very dear old friend I haven’t talked to in a year or maybe close to 2. He’s one of my more survivalist friends. A former professional boxer, trained professional chef, VW bus living anti-hippy and currently an ironworker, in a city filled with abandoned building projects, half built housing developments. We talked about many things, but one of the things was what one would do if in fact the rug was really completely pulled out from under us. What would that be like. He stated confidently that it might actually be preferable to this existance. The daily stress, paying bills, hamster wheel lifestyle. I’m not ready to agree with him, but today I came across this interesting series of photos of a homeless man in NYC who with the help of a stylist and an art director has redefined the look of homeless and perhaps puts a big question mark on destitute vs. priviledged. Could be a bit forced, but interesting none the less. Here is more of this woman’s work, and some fall out discussion about the topic on her blog.

Julia Chesky – Modelizing

Life, another perspective.