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Ok. Someone must be playing a joke on me. Airstream trailers converted to hotel rooms, sitting in a garden that shows movies outside complete with popcorn, on a rooftop in Cape Town, South Africa. Downstairs is the Daddy Cool Bar that houses CapeTowns only digital and photographic art gallery and is touted as THE place for creatives to congregate. Come on. Seriously? Can it possibly get ANY better than that? Can it? No. The answer is no. It can’t.

The Grand Daddy hotel

The Pink Flamingo movie house


So..we seem to have some leptospirosis in the household. Seems to be going around. 2 friends dog’s have the same thing and a neighbors friends dog died of complications that sound an awful lot like symptoms of this nasty bug. So, readers, don’t lick any stumps as this nasty is spread by infected urine. And if any one has any odd jobs you can source out to my two freeloaders let me know. Vets aren’t cheap.

Halle & Tika need jobs.


Nike just launched a pretty nice microsite for the new shoe designed for “Melo”. It’s a pretty nice little site. A very small amount of video footage, some product shots, 5 callouts and some links to a store. This site is a great example of making something big out of not that much content.The widgets on the far right add some interest, fun gadgets that do almost nothing. Overall this does a great job of quickly getting the story across in a way that is true to the brand.

View it here:


I started a series of zoo photos..many..many years ago..and I find I’m still captivated by the same peculiarity that inspired me to start initially. I find the whole notion of zoos, and  caged animals and the architecture and psychology of the act of looking at animals incredibly fascinating. The industrialized shapes, the question of who is looking at who, the candid investigation..all completely strange to me. I added a couple new shots to my collection today.


Whos looking at Who?


Cart contents:

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Napoleon
  • Newspaper
  • 1 small tub of macaroni salad
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Klondike bars
  • M&M’s
  • Haagen Daas Sorbet
  • 2 boxes of icecream sandwhiches
  • 1 box of animal crackers
  • 2 saralee cheesecakes
  • 1 bunch of celery


Halloween was fun.


If you like rockabilly..go here NOW. And see if Mad Max and the Wild Ones are coming to your town. So worth it. This is no Partridge Family..this family seriously kills it. And yeah..that lead singer is like 8. The like 13..and is probably gonna outdo Neil Pert some day. Super awesome time at the Horseshoe Saloon.

Madmax and the Wild Ones – WHOA


Got to see my current favorites at the Bluebird the other night. They did not disappoint. God. Geeks can be so damn hot.



Why? @ Bluebird

Guinness is Gorgeous

Ok..this is pretty great. From PSFK

Guangzhou Supports You!” is a new crowdsourced, hyper-local online photography activity in Guangzhou, China. The original premise of the activity was to recruit Guangzhou residents who support Chen Yang, a popular outspoken Guangzhou CCTV news anchor who was not afraid to say what was on his mind even if on live Chinese television – he swiftly lost his job. However, the activity has since evolved into a collective community-wide expression of love and affection toward the city. “Guangzhou Supports You!” is getting attention and praise from just about everyone in China, but especially from Chinese netizens who are very actively supporting it on their blogs, in discussion forums, and on local social networking sites.
“Guangzhou Supports You!” works like this: the organizers supply a “Guangzhou Supports You!” graphic (at right) via download from the official website. This graphic is the centerpiece of the entire activity. Participants simply need to choose their favorite place in Guangzhou – any corner, alley, place, space, etc. will do – take a photo with the graphic appearing somewhere in the resulting photograph, and then upload the photograph to the “Guangzhou Supports You!” website where it’s aggregated with other participants’ submissions and shared with everyone.