October, 2009 Archives

Spent a good hour or two going through Bob Dylan videos the other night. Starting with this one. Which made me cry, weep actually. In a bittersweet, god life is so f’ing beautiful and heart breakingly painful and I’m so glad there are people that can express this in such a gorgeously raw way. 4 minutes and 10 seconds later I was drenched, heart open and nose running. How great is that?

Bob Dylan .. I get it now.

This is so great. I love how the escalator is filled at the beginning and then the stairs are filled at the end. Love this. Hope they leave it there for a long time.

(sorry about lack of updates..but super busy. much to come though. photos, food, music..just you wait)

From Wooster.

REALLY digging the light projection artwork..videos..etc. Here is another…by my favorite band of the moment.

1901 collaboration video

Light as art