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This photo does not have a soundtrack. It just is.

Cutting board.


This photo has a soundtrack. It’s Semisonic – Closing Time.

Serengeti & Polyphonic – “Call The Law” from anticon. on Vimeo.

That video I worked on with those two super nice cats Serengeti & Polyphonic is finally finished and posted up to Anticon’s channel on Vimeo. I think it turned out pretty well..I hope you do too.

View it big here:


Found this on my keyboard this morning.


1 year 2 month anniversary? Really? But I hope they stop fighting. Although it may not be such a good sign that this was on my keyboard and not in his pocket..good luck you two..

Yo te ano?


From Wooster. With the caption..”Every girl should have a guy as romantic as Busse.”


This man is a very prickly man on the outside…but as soft as they come on the inside. Opinionated and crotchety with no patience what so ever..but a lovable smart, endearing man who takes time to look around and appreciate and share,  he’s a beer drinker of the highest order and a swaggering engineer who knows how to man a one seater plane like no one’s business. He’s got a fight ahead of him, for the 2nd time. I’m sending him every ounce of positive energy I can muster. Be nice if you could too. And boys…have your prostate checked regularly. It only hurts for a second.


I love summertime nights.


Ok..I love handpainted advertising. And these are so great. Movie posters from Ghana.Might have to go dig up some of my other favorites..African hair salon or public information signs, Indian anything signs, Mexican building signs…love it all.

From this guys blog: Ephermera