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Read about this guy, and his book yesterday on PSFK. His name is Dallas Clayton. Dallas wrote and illustrated a kids book but couldn’t find a he did it himself. It’s now selling out faster than he can produce. But the greatest thing, besides the fact that the book is pretty inspirational in both its content and it’s entrepreneurial spirit, is that he set up a foundation..and for every book he sells, he gives one to a school, hospital, library, camp…and that’s pretty awesome. The book itself, well,   I think it’s worthy of the hype. Check out all the pages here on his site.. Try not to tear up.

Christmas is coming, there are a lot of kids and adults that could use the reminder that dreaming is pretty important. Here is his store.


An Awesome Book – Dallas Clayton


So..the neighborhood is feeling a little different to me the last few weeks, in a sad way, and things seem to be going missing lately too. Art work in the alley, good graffiti, friendships, Crash the cat..and even Carl. Remember Carl? Carl who “loves you”. Poor guy must have gotten soggy in the rain or something. Maybe it’s just the weather change, it has been one full year now..fall is here and winter is coming….but I don’t like things being missing.

From Creativity via: PSFK:

South African agency King James and director Keith Rose have revived James Dean in a spot for Allan Gray, a South African financial services firm. The spot imagines Dean’s life had he survived the accident that ended his life at age 24. The spot is technically impressive and flawlessly executed – an actor was cast and coached over two months to play the role, and make-up, prosthetics, and CG face replacement were used to ensure a physical resemblance. The famous accident scene was also shot using a replica 550 RSK Porsche Spyder – one of only two available. The concept and insight for the spot – and its relation to financial services – is summed up in the tagline “Given more time, imagine the possibilities”

It’s an ad for financial planning..but it’s more than that to me.


He probably did come there.

Super 8 – 1974 from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Now I’m bordering on stalker. But here is another video by Jarbas Agnelli that Director/Musician in Brazil..this one is a super 8 film of him and his brother. It’s really great. So beautiful. Made me cry.

Here is his site..check it out…some great commercial work..stop motion of course. Why wouldn’t it be?!

From Rodney Smiths blog..via A Photo Editor

To say a photographer has a vision is to say the photographer has something unique to say to about the world.  Why do some photographers have something unique to say, when so many others just shoot pictures that are general and lacking vision? Most people would say it has to do with talent. Maybe. But maybe not.  Maybe it has nothing to do with talent.  Maybe it has to do with the ability to express one’s feelings. The person who presents a strong vision has figured out a way to express his or her feelings, while others are struggling to do that. Talent, then, becomes not so much artistic talent, though that may be a good part of it, but rather emotional talent.

This applies to music as well: much of music, obviously, is a technical skill, as is photography.  However, the difference between a good musician and a great musician is, I think quite obvious: emotion. When I was in Israel right after graduate school, I sat in on master classes with Arthur Rubinstein, Isaac Stern, Alexander Schneider, and Gina Bachauer.  I remember a particular class with Isaac Stern.  They had some of Israel’s greatest prodigies on the violin.  They would play in a technically perfect way.  But then Isaac Stern would play the same thing.  It was like night and day.  The difference was not so much that Isaac Stern knew the notes any better; rather, he could feel it better. He knew himself and his emotions better.

Emotional Talent

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

From PSFK this morning:

While the prevailing thinking is that art often imitates life, for Brazilian filmmaker and musician Jarbas Agnelli that statement also makes sense in reverse. After seeing a newspaper photograph depicting birds perched on power lines, Agnelli noticed a distinct resemblance to notes on stanza. Curious to know what type of underlying melody existed within the image, Agnelli translated the position of the birds into a musical composition. The video below gives an entirely new meaning to the “harmony of the universe.”

I wish I had done this. I’ve THOUGHT it..100’s and 100’s of times. But that doesn’t matter.

The music of life

Super fun. One of the best birthday presents I’ve gotten. A Shoreline Dream opened the day with a strong performance and a filled house and Mars Volta ended it with a crazy microphone stand hugging aerobics set. In between face paint girl, italian loverboy, weird green suit man, several sets of short shorts sported by men, the first entry to my new project “”, lots of stripes, and coconuts, a collared tie die (really?!) wacky Tel Aviv performers, Monotonix, an endured Dandy Warhols set, a surprisingly kick ass Phoenix set, a discovery of The Features, (a band from Nashville), an interesting duo Beats Antique, locals Savoy, some delicious non acid laced pumpkin candy and a really fun time hanging with my friends Justin (aka Cacheflowe), Ryan, Enoc and Erik.

Monolith by iPhone

I had a competition amongst my hot friends for a pair of sunglasses that were left at my party


It came down to two contestants that knew best how to work it..and there was a quick run off..


Carolyn won. (Perhaps Jen was robbed) Unfortunately I had to repossess the prize a day later. The real owner, Ryan, stepped forward with his claim check and real rock n’ roll creds.

(I was disqualified early for poseur status)


My current, on repeat, addiction.

I LOVE this line..”In Berlin I saw two men fuck  in the dark corner of a basketball court.  Just a slight jangle of pocket change pulsing.” How great is that line in summoning the heart achingly, quiet passion, under cover with a seediness and rawness. A desperation, a voyeur, a caught moment both by ear and eye.. good stuff. Makes me feel alive.

Why? – The Hollows