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I’ve been watching this company since I met John Earle and a bearded friend of his at the Pool Trade show when I was debuting RedCamper. I think I met them..just as he had decided this was not the right approach for them and that instead of selling into retail as a wholesaler (the whole point we were at Pool) they would instead, go direct, keep it exclusive and treat their brand (a t shirt line) as a limited edition, highly coveted piece of art wear. And it’s worked. John Earle now has 3 stores, won a slot in Business Weeks Top Youngest Enterpreneurs of the year in 2008, gives speaches at Business Universities, and is a multi-millionaire employing his friends and family. And he loves what he does, and so do I.  I find this brand, and their strategy super fresh and very inspirational.  They handle everything, except PR, themselves. Design, marketing, retail..start to finish it’s Johnny Cupcakes.

Also noteworthy…Johnny Cupcakes was ripped off by Urban Outfitters at one point (a company known for stealing artists designs and incorporating into their own line without licensing), sued them..and won. Well done.

I dig their new viral video marketing campaign using the seemingly tired User Generated Content model..but as per an innovative and fresh J.C. Way.

Anyway..well done Johnny Cupcakes. I love your style.

Johnny Cupcakes – DIY


Love and miss you Paulie. Here is a gold bike photo to show you how much of a super star I think you are. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Paulie!


SNG  Andrew Novick and his wife Janene (who runs Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast) outside of the Fu Collective & Gallery at the opening of his BBQ show.

1st Fridays are always a bit crazy around many places to go..but my favorite stop last Friday was Andrew Novick’s BBQ show. Not only did I get to peruse photos of things I don’t eat any more, but I got rewarded with a S’more. Sweet.


I don’t know if this is real or not..but I’m equally saddened and inspired by this.

Don’t know anything about it. Just found it on a Google image search.

Bird Tattoo


Been awhile since I’ve spotted any alley artwork. Luckily someone got their show up for first Friday. Wine & cheese will probably not be served.

iPhone images..sorry about the quality.


I had the pineapple cake in celebration. You would have loved it.





Loving this photographers work today. So summertime.

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley is talented


Tag only lasted a day or so..but it was cool while it lasted. This building is so great. Can’t you picture it? Living space or design studios up top, popshop retail space down below it, restaurant/coffee shop/hang out area to the left of it with the rollup door and spilling out onto the sidewalk patio area..workshop, studios, creative space to the left of that..of which you can’t see all of the space in this photo..put a viewing lounge on the top floor roof with solar panel shade structures..and then a vegetable garden on the other two roofs, would be SO SWEET. Who wants to be my investor?


Well done Pato. Well done.

2nd place

The talented boys, Doublebutter, at the end of the block were chosen to be featured in a documentary called Cities x Design. They asked me to document the documentary.