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Ok, my friend Laurie sent me this one…this is some funny..funny stuff, this is worth signing up for Twitter for a daily laugh. Shitmydadsays.

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Here are some really good ones…


Best Twitter ever

In A Dream – The Story of Isaiah Zagar — From Wooster.

This one made me cry this morning.

In a Dream.


This weekend for you 2 Denver based readers..if in fact you are Denver based..RedCamper is gonna be trying to sell some bags..AND..debut the new greeting card to see you if you can make it.

Denver Modernism Show

National Western Complex – Aug 28-30


On the topic of advertising affecting the way we live, the example above, the new Captain D’s logo that I saw in Tennessee, is living proof. I love this logo. This logo makes me want to go eat at Captain D’s..maybe buy a t-shirt, a mug. It’s so lovely and retro and the colors are so nice and it’s a bit campy, but promises delicious seafood from a KITCHEN! I feel all of this…EVEN THOUGH I KNOW it is just another Long John Silvers where there is absolutely nothing on the menu that is going to make me feel nourished after eating it. I’ll feel sick. I’ll regret it. I’ll feel disenchanted and lied to. But I still want to go.  THAT’S the power of advertising. God I love the manipulation of it all. It’s so wrong.

ART & COPY Trailer from ART & COPY on Vimeo.

Oh yeah. This looks awesome. From the Director of Surfwise..which I also loved.

From PSFK:

“Documentary filmmaker Doug Pray decided to give up his regular beat – places like back alleys and truck stops – to speak to pioneers of the ad industry and see what was behind their best ideas – ideas that resulted in iconic ads that all of us, and especially the creative community, still look up to. The result is Art & Copy.”

Art & Copy

Got to see a part of the country I haven’t seen before, met some new people, experienced some new things. Really good times. And thank you Andrew.. for the pointed quote, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.- Abraham Lincoln” I’m personally a firm believer in that one.


Photo compliments of Dear and the Headlights.

Happy Birthday Mark. Youngster. ;  )

Happy Birthday MJK!


This shopping center on Sheridan has always mystified me. Really? You can get all these services in one spot? Kitchen design, fresh ground sausage, Italian pastries, funeral service and Cremations? Convenient..but a little bit unnerving frankly.

This looks kinda good. Production value is sweet at least. Documentary about former Ad types that have reinvented their lives after being laid off. Apparently there have been over 70,000 creatives that have lost their jobs in this recession. The ad world is a bit tough at the moment. But my favorite saying is “The barn burnt down, now I can see the moon.” And it looks like this movie is all about that.

Lemonade the movie.


Be thankful there is no smell on the internet.

Is what it is.