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Another outstanding stop motion music video.holy cow. Go watch the whole thing on Babelgum.


Maybe they make their money by selling the kids $20 teddy graham snacks 2x a day..or maybe its a child labor ring in disguise…or maybe Disney and McDonalds have paid the owners handsome sums to make sure they are building life time customers out of these innocent babes…


Just met this little fellow on my run this evening. Boy after my own heart. His name starts with a J. And it’s a pretty cool name. But I won’t post it here. So..we chatted for a bit by the dumpster and here is how it went..


“hi. what are you doing?”

“lookin for stuff”

“oh yeah? what kind of stuff?”

“stuff I can use to build things”

“nice. that’s a good place to find things to build things. I like to do that too.”

“do you need any granite or sinks?”

“um..no. not right now.”

“oh. ok. well if you do, my dad is about to open a store. I can show you the office, and get you a card.”

“no, that’s ok. I’ll come back ok?”


My god. What a cutie pie. A builder AND a salesman. He’s got a bright future ahead.

My new boyfriend.


I’m pretty sure most of you will think this is an aberration. Perhaps even a symbolic violent crime against women? I think it’s quite beautiful actually. I mean..look how happy she is. Good stuff. But then again..I have always had a thing for doll heads….









Work of Lillian Bassman..a fashion photographer in the 1940-70′s.. via New York Times.

Her work is pretty great..and pretty unusual for fashion photography..particularly from that age. What I love about each image is the overwhelming sensuality of these women..but in a really strong, independent way. These women are women..beautiful fragile flowers with porcelain skin and perfect hair and stunning figures..but each one is a solitary strong and confident and stunning creature, no feigned weakness needed to create sex appeal here. Sex appeal oozes from each one of these images but in a much different way than you usually see.  Her photos embody to me, the perfection of beauty, of what it means to be a woman.

Last photo is Lillian now..at 92. She has started taking her old images and repurposing them via photoshop. That in itself is a beautiful thing. Truly inspirational, this woman. Thank you Lillian.

(Be sure you click to enlarge image #2..super fantastic. Stunning. )

Lillian Bassman