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The lost Lucha Files

1. Put bread in pan

2. Forget about it.


3. Smoke out the house.

4. Remove bread from pan.


5. Repeat.

My morning routine.


Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Yes. I finally made it to Lucha Libre. No. I didn’t understand anything anyone said. Yes I absolutely 200% LOVED it. Can’t wait to go again.


Halles Shadow


I don’t know about you..but I think these things are WILD.

15min @ Fabric Lab

Tika & Halle @ Chatfield from Maura G on Vimeo.

This was an attempt to get Tika’s trilling on camera..close..but not entirely. What you will see..is her barking incessantly..and Halle entertaining herself..as she does.

My funny girls.


My friend Samuel and I seem to be having some strangeness surrounding us lately. Friday night we drove by the Rockbar and saw what appeared to be a naked man who jumped off the top of the building and landed on the roof of the Rockbar. Saturday night we just missed someone getting hit by a car. I don’t know..it can all end so quickly. By your own doing or others. I can’t seem to shake the picture of that man with his arms dangling over the edge of the roof, paramedics pulling their gloves on…..

We see dead people.


Sam’s show is tonight!!! Make your way over…7-10. Fashion show, romulin beer, DJ spinning some Star Trek inspired beats and Samuels debut of the first and only re-purposed Star Trek Jewelry line. Come on out. Should be fun.

The Fabric Lab

3105 East Colfax Avenue. Denver, CO