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Looking forward to hearing about the new adventures of you and your San Franciscan 400 sq ft. See you soon.

Bye Jen.


Kikkerland designs modern knickknacks. Fun things you give other designers. Clever clocks and umbrellas and toys. This is their tradeshow booth for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Made of 3000 cans of Campbells soup. Pretty great. Eyecatching, iconic modern design, thanks to Andy Warhol, but the best part, is that after the show they gave their entire booth to City Harvest, a non-profit group that distributes food to those in need. That’s clever design that is multi-use. Super great.

From PSFK.

Kikkerlands Blog.




From my friend Chris..Fishkiller..Miller..taken on his travels. Super sweet. Love em.



That Sharron. She can take a mean portrait.

Sharron Harris Photography

Sharron Strikes Again


Pretty sure this one only showed for a couple hours before someone made off with it. Getting tougher to have extended viewings around here.

Short Show


I went to Checker Auto Parts with a friend. Ever notice how dirty their parking lots are? Filthy.

Violating my rules again. I just started a new idea for RedCamper though..Just Another Vacation Photo. Will be posting photos semi-daily to the new FaceBook page for well as the Blog. And just to be redundant Twitter.

Here is the first. Hope you like.


“Just hold still. I need to capture a real African in their habitat. Don’t mind me. Or my knee high black socks. I’m a tourist.”

Just in case you forgot how short life is. Chris Milk. You Rock.

The Last Day Dream.

This is an super interesting and important movie about copyrights I urge you to find a way to see it. Look and see if there is a local screening..or buy the film and screen it for friends.

Times are a changing..the internet and the affordability of digital production and distribution tools have enabled mass rip off..or mass creative exploration and enormous progression of ideas and artist vision. Depends on how you look at it. Are you devaluing your skills by releasing your work under Creative Common Licensing for free (or donation)..or are you helping further the progression of humanity? If we abandon the old Corporate model of distribution for agreeably is not skewed for any sort of benefit to the artist but only for the corporate machine.. what monetary model replaces that? Is the front end where you make your money instead of the back end? (investment in the compared to retribution from the sale of the final product) It’s very murky waters for me. Maybe you can watch the movie tell me what you think.

Btw..this is how I watched most of the movie…through these kick ass bird earrings. Pretty cool. Kinda. Not really.