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My alley. Dead Hawk. No feet. Can someone explain this to me?

Kinda came up on me fast..but tonight is the opening night for the Denver Square show at Abecedarian Gallery..that RedCamper is part of. I know..I know..the Nuggets are playing tonight in the do or die game along with 14 other fantastic things to do. But if you need a drink and some culture at halftime..head over for a few minutes.

Abecedarian Gallery – 910 Santa Fe Dr – 6-9pm



So..the other evening at the park I busted the creators of this piece, and confronted them..and almost got my ass kicked. While they thought it was their right to be proud of their family and put their families name all over the place, I thought they should keep it to alleys or garages or something. It got a little tense at one point, with these two large menacing men peppered in facial tattoos and big muscles, but for some unknown reason..even to myself..I felt it important to face off. After 5 or 10 minutes it all ended fairly well..they suggested I add to their mark by spray painting my dogs name along side..they didn’t mind..thought it would be good for me to add my love for MY family. (which apparently is my dog) What I didn’t cover with that I love graffiti. I do. But it has to look good. Put a little effort in boys. Come on. pissing on the plant in your kids kindergarten class to make it grow. If you are going to “represent” shouldn’t you put a little care into your craftsmanship? It is your family that you are showing everyone..right? I don’t get it.

Which is why I went looking for them today. I’m gonna find those boys. And we’re gonna have another discussion. I want to get it. I do.

Bad Graffiti


Saw this on a train car in Santa Fe a few years ago. Thought it was gorgeous.

Good Graffiti

My friend Steve forwarded this photograhers work to me today. Wow. LOVE it. Really great stuff. GO look at his work..I couldn’t figure out which image I liked best…


Clay Kessack

Steve says he can’t take photos.



Sweet Skate shot

How about new favorite band, playing one of my favorite songs, made a video using still images (sorta stop motion) of photos taken in Nepal. It’s a convergence!!

Photographer: Bruno Levy


Halle cornered the dogfood thief. to get him out of my house.
Update: I decided to hire him. We are bartering..dogfood for making sales calls. He is a talker….

So..I finally got a portfolio up ..after all these years..and lots of people asking if I had it is.




Red, White & Blue