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Had a super fun weekend helping make a music video with a couple super talented, and super nice musicians from Chicago. Serengeti (Dave Cohn) and Polyphonic (Will Freyman). The entire shoot was done for less than $3k with a whole lot of donations and volunteering to put it together. I can’t wait to see the edit..every single shot was really beautiful. Everyone did such an amazing job. I’ll post the video when it’s done.

Post shoot we spent some quality time in my hood, The Hornet, Sputnik & Skylark and I got to know them both a little better. True artists. Both of them.

So.. go check out their myspace..and buy their music. Seriously. Super talented. Each of these guys have multiple projects too that you should also delve into. Good stuff. Good people.


Reminds me of a friend. Who doesn’t run, isn’t yellow or doesn’t have a pear head. But it still reminds me of him.

By James Jarvis..for Nike.


Ok. So..my favorite indulgence magazine for the last 15+ years has been PDN. Photo District News. Every few months I decide maybe NOW is the time to be a photographer..and I pick up the latest issue and melt into the pages and fantasize about being a photographer and then I put it down and go back to my life. A little bit intoxicated by the high I’ve gotten from browsing this magazine..and a little bit bummed I haven’t tried to be a photographer. This magazine is, and always has been the pinnacle of photo magazines. Top notch fine art, commercial and documentary work gets featured here.

Well..today I recieved a request from a writer at PDN to get a print ready photo of the RedCamper Skylark LTD laptop bag for a review in the column “Objects of Desire”. I’m super pumped. Way excited. June issue he says.

The craziest part..he found me through a Twitter posting by someone at Kodak. Uh huh. I’m not kidding.

Awesome. Super excited to possibly be in the mag. Hope it really happens!

PDN. for real.


910 Arts – Month of May.

I made it in!

Life is Beautiful from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.

I love imagery and typography together. This works really well.

Life is Beautiful



This guy is so good. From Wooster.

Here is his Myspace page..which is awesome.

“Off the Wall” Featuring Gary Taxali from friendswelove.com on Vimeo.

I love this guys work. Gary Taxali.


Gary Taxali


Click to play..Blonde Redhead – Mike Mills

Cute video

Apparently not everyone knows that for the last year I have intermittently googled “mexican wrestling, denver” searching with hope to find a local event. Apparently not everyone knows that I occasionanly go to the laundry mat on Saturday afternoons to try and catch an event on the Mexican TV channel. Apparently not everyone knows that I’ve secretly wanted a Mexican Wresting mask, or some artwork featuring a mask for years..I almost stole my nephews when we went to Rocky Point last. So apparently no one thought to tell me about the Lucha Libre event on April 4th. 🙁

Seriously … if anyone has a line of some locals training for such an event..please let me know. I think I need to do a photo documentary on this.

Photos from Jason Stoval’s Facebook page.

I missed Lucha Libre. :(