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Last post reminded of me of this one. Still love this one. So…it’s established right..I’m an advertising junkie, a photo junkie, and a time lapse / stop motion junkie. And a candy corn (pumpkins) junkie.

This one isn’t so much a it is 2 days interlaced into one another. But it’s still pretty nice.

Dick Annegarn “Soleil du soir” (par Michel Gondry)
by totoutard

Michel Gondry’s new piece



Went to an opening on Friday night at the Abecedarian Gallery. Some good work there. This was my favorite.  Work is by Tate Foley.

Oh My.


I saw this months ago on Palladia TV. MTV’s HD channel. Took me a long time to track it down on the web though. Of course, once I found it..I felt like an idiot. Of course it was Psyop. Who else would it be?

View the spot on their site here. Psyop.

My friend Sharron showed me this one today. Pretty good.  Be patient. 1min 30 sec in,  it becomes something spectacular.

Shot with a $200 flip cam w/lens glued to it..soundtrack by his super talented wife Megan Coffee.

Zack Arias’ site.



Had this flat pack house / modern architect come to my attention today. Thank you Jaxon. Pretty nice. Pretty cheap. $37,000 for this one. Have to have somewhere to put it..and someone to build it..but pretty reasonable. And lovely.

From Rocio Romero.

OMG. Amen.


Super great article here.

Plain speak.


Still doing research on video marketing…this one came in. Really clever. And makes me want to get my motorcycle license. So I can ride a Honda from the 60′s.